Privacy Policy of the Online Shop

This Privacy Policy determines rules of capturing, gathering, processing and using of the personal data acquired for You and by the Online Shop conducted at the following web site address: (hereinafter referred to as the Web Site) by the LP Bayer Group Sp. Z o.o., with a registered office at the following address: Święty Marcin 29/8, 61-806 Poznań, Poland (hereinafter referred to as the Online Shop).

The Online Shop makes every effort in order to respect your privacy and protect provided personal data while using the Web Site and making purchases within a frame of the shop and in order to ensure it takes all necessary actions.

Which data are taken by the Online Shop automatically, while using the Web Site?

The Web Site does not take automatically any data, excluding the data contained in the mentioned below files while using the Web Site.

The Cookie files are the small text files sent by the online Shop and stored on Your computer, which contain certain information connected with using the Web Site and the Online Shop by You. The cookie files used by the Shop are of the temporary or persistent nature. The temporary cookie files are removed upon closing the browser, but the persistent cookie files are stored also after You cease to use the Web Site and are used to store the information, such as Your password or login, what accelerates using the Web Site.

Within a frame of the Web Site are used the following types of the cookie files:

  • cookie files that enable to use the services available within a frame of the Web Site, e.g. authorising cookie files used for the services, which require the authorisation on the Web Site;
  • “performance” cookie files, which enable to collect information about a manner of using from the sites of the Web Site.

The Online Shop uses the above-mentioned cookie files for the following purposes:

  • maintaining a session of the Web Site user (after signing in), thanks to which the user does not need to enter again his/her login and password on each subsite of the Web Site;
  • adapting a content of the sites of the Web Site to the user’s preferences and optimising a use of the web sites; in particular, these files allow for recognising a device of the Web Site user and display the web site properly as adopted to his/her individual needs;
  • developing statistics, which make easier to understand in what manner the users of the Web Site use its sites, what enables to improve their structure and content.

In many cases the software that serves to browsing the web sites (web browser) by default allows for storing the cookie files in the user’s end device. At any time, you can make a change of the settings related to the cookie files. These settings can be modified, in particular in such a manner that the automatic cookie handling in the settings of the web browser is blocked or you are each time notified about their placing in Your device. The detailed information about a possibility and manners of handling the cookie files are available in the software (web browser) settings. The Online Shop informs that a limitation of using the cookie files can have an impact on the certain functionalities available on the sites of the Web Site. More information on the cookie files is available in the “Help” section in the menu of the web browser.

Apart from the cookie files, the Online Shop can also collect data customary gathered by the administrators of the IT systems within a frame of the so-called logs or log files. The information contained in the logs can include, inter alia, Your IP address, web platform and web browser type, Internet operator and address of the web site, from which Yu have entered the Web Site.

Which data are captured and used by the Online Shop while making the purchases?

While placing an order You are asked to provide your personal data. Providing the specified personal data is mandatory in order to realise the orders by intermediary of the Shop.

You have a right to access to a content of your personal data and to amend it. In order to execute this entitlement please use the options available in your account or the -mail address specified below.

Marketing of the Online Shop

if only You have agreed to it (newsletter subscription), the e-mail address provided by You shall be used for the marketing purposes of the own products of the Online Shop. This consent can be withdrawn at any time.

Providing Access to Information

In order to execute the contract, the Online Shop can provide an access to the data gathered from You to the partners, among them, to those with an aid of which the Shop realises such obligations, e.g. courier companies, operators of the payment systems or the companies, which handle the complaints. In such cases a scope of the provided data is restricted to the required minimum.

Furthermore, the information provided by You can be made available to the adequate public authorities, if it is required by the applicable law provisions.

Technical Means and Your Obligations

The Online Shop uses best efforts in order to protect Your data and protect them against the actions of the third persons.

Nevertheless, the actions taken by us may turn out to be insufficient, if you do not apply the safety measures by yourself. In particular, you must ensure confidentiality of your login and password to the Web Site and do not make it available to the third persons. Please, remember that the Online Shop shall not ask you to provide them, excluding providing this data while signing in to the Web Site. In order to make it impossible to use your account by the unauthorised persons, please log out after using the Web Site.

In what manner You can execute the rights You are entitled to?

You have a possibility to review and edit Your data, at any time, within a frame of the Web Site, after signing in while using the e-mail address and password. In a situation when You forgot your password or an occurrence of any other problems with signing in/signing out, please contact us at the address provided below.
You have a right to request information about a content of the stored data about You and a right to request to amend, block or remove these data, as well as to correct errors, supplement or update Your data. You also have a possibility to object against processing your personal data for the marketing purposes. For this purpose, please contact at the address given below.

Questions and Objections

You can submit questions and objections related to this Privacy Policy at the following address:

This page uses cookie files to provide its services in accordance to Cookies Usage Policy. You can determine conditions of storing or access to cookie files in your web browser.